Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Yeah Great Fine - Yeah Great Fine (2010)

Portland boys always seem to know how to mix the genre's into a delicious slurry of awesome. Yeah Great Fine continue this general position by angling themselves in a fairly unique way.  Lets cheat and at the fore front say guitar led indie rock. On top of this is a healthy dollop of sweet sweet pop music. This is mostly evident in the vocals and harmonies...kinda summery beach boys type progressions (the simple ones that is)  I can hear you thinking already  "jesus dude this sounds like your describing 100,000 bands" but wait theres more.  This is where the Math Rock steps in. A lot of it is yes the drums being awesome and all over the place but there is certainly some rhythmic complexity weaving in and out with the guitars.  Some of the songs do come off a bit generic when they dont try and stick their head above water to soak in the math rock rays of the sun as much as they should. Thankfully the EP rectifies this issue and injects some seriously saucy rhythmic jaunts. Makes me all the more excited for a full length.   

ps. im catching like a sun shiny maps and atlases with a less tap happy bent.

Yeah Great Fine (2010)
Circadian EP (2011)

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