Saturday, January 28, 2012

Kit Fisto - II (2011)

Math Rock can be taken in more directions than one would think. Not to say that this particular brand gets snubbed but the straight up party math rock tends to be made to DD the night of the big shindig.  Kit Fisto exist in a realm where metal, alternative rock and tap happy math pump their collective fists in the air. The sense of enjoyment from these guys is just extremely in your face. Did I mention their from Florida? Sounds about right. Whenever I listen to them I half expect them to break into some Chon style riffage and at times they come close however they always reign it back in. If these guys can harness more of whats going on in these three songs, up the very welcome vocals that sneak their way in, possibly kick up BPM's a titch  we will have a dangerously amazing little LP on our hands. Excited to see what a next time bring's.


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