Monday, February 6, 2012

Interior Palette Toeshoes - Nude (2011)

I was searching for information regarding the still-delayed new Natsumen record and stumbled upon a brief recommendation to check this EP out, bolstered by their description as a Toe/Mouse on Keys hybrid. Nothing is particularly stellar, but they manage to maintain the illusion that every Japanese band is comprised of robots set to "Extreme Technical Proficiency" and there are some hummable melodies here and there. Production is lackluster, doing its best to compress all life out of each performance, but at least they got some claps in the percussion track. Worth a listen if you got that itch.

Nude EP

(Password is "music".)


  1. hahahahaha. maybe i'll download this when i'm not at work. i don't think they would like me downloading zip files called "NUDE"

    1. Obviously a poorly conceieved tactical ploy to prevent piracy on their behalf.

  2. Replies
    1. Concur. I listened to it through once, posted it up, and just can't stomach doing it again.

      But at least we're getting more spam comments these days.