Thursday, November 14, 2013

Syndicate Fest 2013! and Guillemet

A few points of interest for you Canadian kitties and/or folks willing to make the drive (it'd be well worth it) Syndicate Fest (Toronto) is this Saturday and theres a massive amount of talented artists playing. The great horned owl that is Mouth to Mouth to Mouth will be there as well as Gulfer, Tiny Moving Parts, Bullet Proof Tiger, Oshwa, Junior Bob, Noxious Foxes..are few groups get the idea...the sweetness.

But but but! Our next group on deck for the checking of the out is Guillemet from Chicago that bring out a relentless hardcore punk deaths head with the structural integrity of time shifting doctor who. Mathy without the noodles. It seems as though member wise this is the voltron uniting work of two groups namely Para-medics and Options. Whom you should be versed in at this point and if not well then
you've got some work to do.

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