Saturday, November 16, 2013

Vasudeva - Life in Cycles (2013)

Over due posting time for New Jersey based group Vasudeva (My apologies guys). My hope is that most of you will scoff at this post as you are already knowledgeable about these busy body post rocksters. Their previous EP has been a favorite of mine since its release in aught 11. Life in Cycles finds the group with a more determined laser focus on atmosphere and a bit longer structures. The success here lies in all of its distinct parts firing on high levels. Both guitarists share a role in the proceedings with an almost lead guitar and rhythm vibe albeit neither seems stuck in one for too long. Bass fleshes out this business with chocolate milk chords that roll over the landscape and help build that above mentioned atmosphere. Drummer Derek? well its clear this cat is trained...possibly even at a classical level. His play style is effortless and technical without reaching down your throat. More so however is the drum licks are memorable and always fitting to the proceedings. It was a pleasure to catch them live fairly recently and beyond being really chill guys they bring the heat live. Honest to christmas when they ripped into "Back to the Feeding Ground" first song I thought someone punched me in the face (an awesome punch in the face) Their set is meticulous and sounds like much time has been put in with not just song writing but performance sound. Get up and get into this guygals.


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