Saturday, November 23, 2013

Zefs Chasing Cara - Ultra Gown (2013)

New Zefs Chasing Cara has finally arrived. Its been a few years believe it or not since his last release (2010) But thankfully we are here to celebrate. For those unfamiliar this one man UK based math popster revels in tight turns and a penchant for electronic elements. Before I go any further there are great moments here and it is a progression from "Kneel and You Will Lose". However the sort of furthering is one I cant fully be on board for. Like I said Zef's has been steadily creeping toward more and more electro flavored elements but it was always the balance of live and sampled/keyboards that kept me interested. Ultra Gown at times is just too polished and inorganic sounding to totally sell me. The scales have seemingly tipped in favor of less live instrumentation and/or completely blending everything together. Lets be clear when I say that this release does still have more creativity than 75% of the math rock I've been in contact with this year. I gotta say im on the fence with this one and it may take me a few more listens. self imposed hype is never a positive.


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