Thursday, November 28, 2013

Hey Predator! - "Foxholes and Atheists and so Forth" (2010)

Hey Predator! hail from our northern brothers in Montreal. Yes this is an older release but it is an absolutely vital one. Extremely forwarding thinking post-punk with a lot of delicious twists and turns. High energy is the name of the game with these guys not to mention vocals which are equally as engaging. Reminds me a bit another Canadian group North of America. Which shouldn't be too surprising as NoA are a huge influence on a lot of the post-punk/post hardcore math we enjoy (ie Cinemechanica).  I was discussing these guys with Dave from Gulfer (who has an intense knowledge base of all thing math to rock) he informed me these cats are now in the very excellent group Girl Arm.

So I suppose what im getting at is you absolutely need to verse yourself in the Stack Your ugh roster. Montreal has one of the most interesting progressive scenes going right now and itd be a shame to miss anything they have going. plus come on they re-released Them Roaring Twenties!


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