Monday, November 25, 2013

Grand Beach - May Long (2012)

Lets face the facts that we are just in a holding pattern for one of Alexander Litinsky's math rock projects to explode. Name not familiar? Shameful. Alex is AM Overcast and has just recently released the very excellent math pop gem "Pellow" Thats it you say? NAY Alex also plays in the more "formal" math rock demons L'viv. So along with these two projects we also have a short EP going by the name of Grand Beach who are poised to release a brand new banger on our faces this upcoming new year.

Its a bit similar to AM in its approach to math but has more of a collaborative feel (obviously) these two tracks from 2012 are great but I think we can bank on the fact that its going to be a scorcher. Alex is possibly the best artist going right now that can hold the pop influences close while still laying down massive time shifts and great riffage. If your interested in hearing some more personal aspects one of our members also recently sat down with Alex. Keep your eyes peeled for this danger cat.


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