Thursday, August 15, 2013

All of Them Witches

    This is a long overdue post for me.  All of Them Witches are a duo hailing from Buffalo NY, which as it happens isn't too too far from my general living zone. Soundwise we are talking some tap-heavy guitar work that twists and turns, with complementary drumming that supports the guitars with just the right amount of technicality.
    Math duos are always tricky for me to evaluate, since a lot of progressive music banks on how busy or full a composition can be, so obviously fewer performers can be detrimental. That said, Witches have a few things in their flavor to avoid being stale. Compositionally, there's great flow between sections in each song, avoiding the stunted transitions that trap many similiar groups. Overall, their sound smacks of a minimal nature while still sounding incredibly full. That might not make much sense on paper, but give it a listen and maybe it'll hit you.
   I will be having the distinct pleasure of seeing them this Friday and have been looking forward to finally catching a show by them. Also looking forward to some possible new tunage? A boy can hope.


All of Them Witches


  1. I think you summed them up remarkably well. Great review.

  2. Thanks for reading Matt!

    Feel free to come join the fun on facebook :)

  3. Awesome band.
    By the way I like the math duos.