Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dionaea - Still (2011)

Post-Grind? Djent Metal?
ugh what?

Can we dispense with the silly genre tags for a moment and let me just say that this is some exceedingly creative music. For three musicians to make this kind of racket takes true skill. Swinging from full bore blast beats to majestic post-rock passages is something that I wouldn't really have believed would work so well until this. Its mathy and technical nature never detracts from the other more serene builds balancing very between the two.  To say that this has been in heavy rotation in my ear holes would be an understatement.  So let me just stop right here and tell everyone to indulge because you all have to get a load of these guys. Classy 


  1. Ha, I was going to post this the other day, but I honestly got pretty bored. Also, these drums are hella programmed, right? Because they sound fake as all hell.

  2. someones in a bad mood :)

    listen just because everyone isn't soloing at once and changing time signatures every .3 milliseconds doesn't mean its boring. Obviously the drums are programmed and programmed drums always sound fake...kinda the point I think.

  3. I wasn't gonna bring up the programmed bass drums thing...but yeaaaah. The rest of the kit (and the band) sounds pretty great, but the double bass drums are a bit much for my taste.

  4. I'll show you who's got a short-attention span!!!!

    And you never know if it's straight programmed or "drum replacement". Someone could play these parts, it's just the cymbals and bass drum sound like two-scoops of robo-poop.

  5. Its funny how you all think its a drum machine, I personally know the dudes in the band and I can let you all know that the drums recorded were actually done by the bands drummer Thomas Geschardt, no computer doing those beats.

  6. I don't think any of us doubt that their drummer can perform these parts, but the recording sounds distinctly altered.

    If that's not the case — great! You've successfully defended their honor.