Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sleep For The Nightlife - Minimalist Cities (2014)

This was one of my most anticipated albums of 2014. After seeing them a few years ago I was not fully ready for what this 4 man Toronto based group was about to bring.  I am not alone in this anxious feeling either, but I feel it imperative to bring these guys the attention in the community they richly deserve.

Ambient in the way atmosphere is set and mathy in a restrained and respectful manner. Instrumental pieces that are smartly constructed with no extra relationship baggage. This is real deal total investment Math-tastic Post-Rock.

These cats never leave you hanging and if they are laying down a riff that warrants it, they stick around so you can soak up the joy. If you want to talk math rock brass than technically speaking you've got the twists you desperately crave.  The hooks for me however lie in the relationship of the expertly laid melodies and the brain melting kit work. There are so many moments on this record that literally give me goosebumps its like RL Stine was sitting behind me the entire time....that was bad apologies. The back half of "Underwater Panthers"? forget about it, ridiculous tension and release tactics that are almost too clever.

Are we talking wheel reinvention? nah. but you'll never concern yourselves with such trifles because this is a distillation of Ghosts and Vodka type activity of the highest order and dare I say with some more impressive song variation.  You are a fool if you don't surrender your ears this instant to this the first masterwork of 2014.

Can I say again that these drums are just nasty?
Jesus Christmas


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