Wednesday, July 23, 2014

"It was a pleasure to burn"

Hi everyone....sorry ive been gone so long from this here beast ive birthed. I do however feel as though if I am to continue this I need more honesty with my musical observations. I will give a small run down of things ive been into, not into, and saddened....

Sietch Ramshackle  has been something of go to when it comes to my own personal ideas about acoustic guitar and how it should be handled. It's honest and has its heart firmly in its progressive shifts and restless nature. Few times can you listen to music and really hear that there is a human being literally pouring their soul into a piece of art instead of stringing notes together to try and rip a solo faster. Highly suggest anyone with a passing interest in music give this a listen. Random bandcamp searching sometimes unearth's true gems...


Guy Montag will not dazzle your face with guitar heroics. If your looking for a barn blazer you can camp with the tappers. This is handily crafted post rock with extra attention placed on the melody and song progression. An Irish 3 piece that is deserving of attention for sure. With a name sake such  that you can expect the fire doesnt go out easily. Each song brings to the table its own story and from my ears a soft spot for video game music.


Toasted Plastic's new album? Well let me start this by saying im the wrong person to ask. June high's was one of my top releases of last year...I listen to it probably once a week, no joke its incredible. This feels safe to me and certainly a calmer Toasted than we are used to. Where are my break neck speeds? Vocals are more thought out here and hold my variation for sure but the songs unfortunately dont hold the
same urgency as before. Dont get me wrong a solid release but im biased based on my love.


James T. Psychopath is the wild card, the elephant in the room...too big and too fucking weird to ignore. It's awful sometimes that we have to pull into our speach "Influences" and "genre tags" because shit James T. Psychopath isn't a cold fusion pioneer but by god they would probably tell you they don't give a flying fruit. Is it noisey? yes...but equal parts rhythmic.  Experimental! sure but also balancing a true love of Jazz structure and time shifts. So in a lot of ways we could throw in Prog or other things but this is just really brutal music with a lot of ideas being done so well it doesn't really matter what it is.


o also a lot of people have been asking/requesting for Six Gallery's  first EP (instrumental) it's a titch hard to find for obvious reasons but share amongst yourselves Id rather people be introduced to these other great bands than a dead one so check the above stated groups first.

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  1. Being from Ireland, i have never heard of Guy Montag. Looking forward to the listen. youre descriuption has reminded me of the latest 'The Hotelier' album....."This is handily crafted post rock with extra attention placed on the melody and song progression."