Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bygones - by- (2009)

Both Nick Reinhart  (guitarist of Tera Melos) and Zach Hill (drummer of Hella) are at the top of the mathy heap when it comes to their respective instruments. It was really only natural when the two decided to start playing together and we are graced with this excellent release. What is refreshing is that both musicians have adapted to each others playing style in such a way that brings out the best in both players. Zach's detractors have always pointed out "pointless and endless" fills but with Bygones he really reigns it in nicely while style managing a chaotic and inventive presence on the kit. Nick plays with a very riff based style which actually turned out to be an evolution of his style and carried over directly to Tera Melos's newest release Patagonian Rats. Its a great album with lots of chemistry between the two players.  The pop vocalizing makes some of the more labyrinthine passages more palatable and just adds a great element in its own right.

By (2009)

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  1. This is pretty good, but Zac Hill's "restraint" still sounds like a bunch pitter-pattery blah to me.