Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fiasco: Native Canadians (2008)

I've only had this record for a short time, so it hasn't fully sunken in yet. But at first listen its pretty gnarly. The record is fairly spazz-tacular. Super tappy, kinetic, and aggressive. The interlocking guitar and bass parts manage to stay away from most annoying cliches and say something original and interesting. The songs themselves aren't the most cohesive, but the band captures a certain sound that ties everything together. Production is thin, but this actually lends a distinctive character to the album as opposed to being super annoying. The dudes are young, and one of them is the offspring of Steve Buschemi. So that's something.

Check it HERE.
(Edited by twinz)
and the Fiasco bandcamp with free download of "God Loves Fiasco"

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