Saturday, December 1, 2012

Ilya - Mutyuma

Curve ball coming right to your faces peeps. Ilya is a japanese group that plays a very singular style of music. Truthfully very little of it has to do with math rock... sue me. That does not mean it lacks in pure musical excellence. This stuff is a mix of classical music styled instrumentation, post-rock, metal and progressive math. The way these pieces fit together is the true star here because under less capable hands this could be an ugly ugly mess. HIGH REC's.

Link in comments :)


  1. Hey! I think the link might be broken (brings me to a mediafire homepage of sorts trying to get me to sign up for their service). This sounds awesome though! Cheers

  2. Eddie! thank you. Some goof troop mama jama done scooped my link off. Will repair ASAP



  4. No, thank YOU! I really appreciate all the work you guys put into this blog. Stoked to hear this!