Sunday, November 25, 2012

Fugue (2009-2012)

Easily my favorite local band from Connecticut that I've also had the privilege to befriend and share the stage with, Fugue was a 5 (later 6) piece instrumental act that breathed some life into an otherwise drab scene at the time and the following they would eventually build in their too-short time together gave me some hope for my home state's musical output.

With influences spanning from Toe and Tera Melos to black metal and post rock, their 3 ep's show a natural progression in songwriting, and texture and dynamics fully backed by entrancing, passionate live performances. I'll stop sounding like a fanboy and let the music speak for itself, their albums are all free from their bandcamp, Years being their most accomplished effort but I'll always consider their debut, Ancient Glass and their signature live song, "The Sleep of Reason..." my favorite.


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