Sunday, October 28, 2012

Jazz for Kids - B A B (single)

Consider this a bookmark of sorts for this up and coming release by Jazz for Kids. The vision of one artist, Jeremy Myint. All that I have to say is "wow". This is some self assured music that blends a couple more progressive genre stylings in an extremely pleasant way. Math rock via guitar tapping melded with Jazz fusion (not your fathers fusion mind you). With a lot of these one man efforts the ability to translate "intricate" styles and make them seemingly "effortless" is something that has always attracted me to projects such as this. That being said the crown jewel here I would say are these vocals that perfectly dance atop the proceedings in a way that only the composer of this music could.  So if your still saying "why all the fuss about one song?" well im making the call now.  Come Dec. when the full release comes out its going to be something a whole lot of math heads will be rubber necking about. You wont be sorry. 


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