Saturday, October 27, 2012

Grass is Green

gush gush gush gush.

I'll admit when our "Mr Troop of Echoes" drummer Dan Moriarty first brought their 2011 effort to my attention..I wasn't sold. A girl's allowed to change her mind right??!! Well now is your chance to learn from my mistake. High Energy extremely creative indie prog.  Seriously when these songs turn corners I want to pump my first and scream "GREAT FRICKEN IDEA" haha. This is going to sound maybe a bit off base but think of a youthful and excited version of Polvo. Really inspired rock music that is one hard animal to pin down. Sure they clearly love them some prog rock and math nastiness but the indie rock vibe is strong and blah blah blah. At this juncture just go to their bandcamp and get your knowledge on. This is music to be listened to..not explained. Let me shut me yammer.



  1. Polvo comparison is valid, especially as album progresses. Hints of Chavez and Pitchblende also.