Saturday, October 27, 2012

Prismatic Mantis - Umbrella (2008)

In the mood to exit the room your sitting in? Stick those headphones in because this is something thats sure to take your mind away for at least the duration of of this record.

Prismatic Mantis inhabit a realm of ambient shifts that glide toward controlled chaos.  Within this ecosystem at odds, the creatures that have acclimated to such a habit truly run the range as well. Acoustic spanish tinged guitar, space-jazz (space-jam?), math rock, electronic, controlled noise, sampled music and progressive rock. All of this and more with a layer of psychedelia blanketed on top. I use these organic words because what you're about to experience is a very natural sounding project that is incredibly honest.  With everything firing its easy to assume that it could come off incredibly cold....this is the furthest from the truth one would imagine.

I can't stress this enough. This is beautiful work from individuals that have a clear vision and are artistically restless. Rarely does one run head first into a work so dense and chalk full of ideas. To close, I would like to thank those responsible for opening my vision and to plead to our limited readers that this is something that you should not pass by without giving this a heavy listen.


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