Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Littlest Viking - The Littlest Viking (2012)

 Last time on Plenty of Swords..

Any human animal that has stumbled upon our page with at least a passing interest in math rockery should be familiar with these two boys. The Littlest Viking lay down some really great down to earth math rock with more of a focus on song craft than guit shredin. This new release is a restless one to be sure with different flavors being added to the mix. Vocals make more than a few appearances and dont seem to really grab me by the throat like I had hoped. Really the songs are at their best when these two are laying down emotional instrumental rock.  Admittedly I found the rhythms to be a bit more straight forward than last go. Yes there are some very solid songs going here that I will prolly come back to but on the whole...I'm feeling a little let down. Time could be the great decider however once I get more of a chance to spend time with this one.

Also someone must have eaten the "pop punk pill" on a couple of these jammers


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