Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Racquets / Exchampion

 Getting smacked in the face by music is one of my more favorite things to have happen to me when I have a first run through of an album.

Racquets - occupies a space in music that is electronic but also with live instrumentation. sounds simple enough however this stuff is (((((INCREDIBLY)))) busy, jazzy, occationally funky, and one of our over used words here "mathy". Everyone should be excited about this because it is just something you've gotta check out. The production on those nimble drums just sets my heart ablaze with love. jesus christmas nuts this is one those groups that just as you think they are done doing something sweet THEY DO SOMETHING EVEN MORE BRAIN MELTING. PLEASE!

Exchampion - A side project of Raquets is similiar in some ways but different in some pretty interesting ways. Exchampion while still seemingly having some live instrumentation seems more focused on synth's and different sounds than their main project. I perfer the above better but its kind of like saying I prefer green tea to peppermint tea, both rock me to my core.

please do yourselves a favor :)

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