Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ten Past Seven

These guys are frickin awesome!! i cant believe i forgot to post them before!? went to see them play last night....hadn't seen them play in a few years. they still have bucket loads of energy!!

Ten Past Seven are a three-piece instrumental shower from Kerry. In 2006 they released their debut album "Shut Up Your Face" on Out On A Limb Records. 2007 saw the band climb Carrantuohill (Irelands tallest mountain) and release the split 7" with Los Langeros "The Highest Bands In Ireland". Over the last few years they've toured Ireland extensively, played support to their heros and made jaunts overseas.
Their latest EP, ‘Bothar Buí’ (2010) very much reflects how a young band chose not to remain static but to constantly evolve and move forward. The title track features vocals by Katie Kim as well as remixed tracks by Kevin Blake, Toby Kaar and Molotov Ape and Laura Sheeran. However, this is not just about the sound; ‘Bothar Buí’ has been produced with a limited run of 100 pieces of slate each imprinted with an individual image. The are constantly developing new ideas and ways to deliver their music without the constraints of convention and finding alternative ways to carry their sound and concepts through to different audiences.


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  1. Oh dear this is good.

    Just the right amount of skronking.