Saturday, September 8, 2012

Submission Hold Round Up

Hey fellow math monsters just wanted to drop in and share some of our submissions since I haven't been very current. Also yes that is a picture of moon knight. Does there need to be a reason?

Hymmel - post-rock centered maths with electronic sprinkles. a little three trapped tigers vibe? eh a titch perhaps. these gents hail from Kent and do mix stuff up pretty well. 

Apart - Heavy emotional post hardcore with some nicely structured songs. clean and crisp production is always a plus. wish there was a squeech more effort placed into standing apart from others.

La Bibioteca Deserta - 65 days of static sorta sound but still its own deal. Italian electro alt post rock math. check this out pretty cool stuff.

Arms of Tripoli - Nice and moody post rock instrumental math. Has a strong flow to the structures and good sense of melody.

Cecimonster vs Donka - alternative rock with a pop punk beating heart from Peru. Clear, concise and great energy are all here waiting for you.

Dore Mear Beon - pitter patter math rock with programmed drums. I would guess the work of one person. Pretty chill stuff going on. Would love to hear a full band perform this.

Blind Wives - strong QOTSA driving alt rock. slight rhythmic shake ups. Even a bit poppy as far as vocals go.

Foxing - That Philly noodle guitar scream combo many know and love. These guys are from St. Louis however. the right amount of math style drums get thrown in for added effect.

17 Pygmies - keyboard shoegaze prog lite?? sounds more interesting than it is in real life.

Lord - And lastly ending strong we have Portland Oregon's Lord. I had posted them on our facebook page with their first release and they are back. Pure and lovely progressive rock holding hands with math. it's the good stuff we know and love. check it out extremely well done 2nd effort.

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