Sunday, December 2, 2012

At Years End....Almost

We are quickly approaching the end of our very own year 2012. There have been a A LOT of math rock releases with many of them still in heavy rotation for myself. I highly dislike year end lists...for a number of reasons that I'm not going to get into. Boring bits. However I would like to point out two groups that have managed to keep my brain in a death strangle hold since earlier in the year. 


#1:Renaissance Sound. 

to this EP. 

Honestly just so fresh and interesting. While many of the groups this year falling on the well worn "rock" portion of "math rock" these cats are laying down highly calculated jazz that hints at math. Sure some of you may question how valid this position is given that you could argue this is just straight jazz. But come on at the heart of this release youve got a honest to god math group. With another EP on the way I am very much hoping these gentlemen continue to capture my heart. 


Another wild exception to this would almost certainly have to go to Gastric Bands brain melting mutant world music math.

Heavy on the percussion with interesting rhythms all over this beast. Classic progressive rock mixed with equal parts math. Truth be told this is what I need when I am listening to a math group do their thing. Again being able to go out on a limb and trying something a little left of center goes a long way.

Both of these groups get a gold star in my book this year and I couldn't be more excited to hear from both in the future.


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