Saturday, December 8, 2012

Year End Round Up (part 1)

This is by no means a post to down play the sweetness of any of the groups below. All of these fine releases have been on my person for a spell and as 2012 comes to an end I need to have some closure. This will be a multi-part post and continue through December.

side bar: why is there not a band called "progressive knife"?

Mayors of Miyazaki 
dropped a nice little split with death pedal's in Nov. I keep coming back to their brazen all out attack. Punchy production and some nice shouty math's. watch these kittens

Little Hunts
is a one man effort that indulges more the post rock end of the math spectrum but certainly no less exciting for it. Jamie Darken weaves some pretty interesting math rock twists in what seems to be his first outing. Really interesting and strong ideas. However I could really use some live drums. 


Has a really nice mix of driving post-punk, indie rock and math rock. mixing and matching where needed to great effect. Really tidy little EP that proves a lot in its 6 track length. Well done vocals as well. Some left field moments really spice this outing up and have me highly excited for something new. Must Have. Must Have. 2010 you say? yea well I cant be on time to every party.


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