Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Instrumental Post Rock Salad with a Balsamic Math Vinaigrette

Another member of the Hello Sir Records clan. While they share general qualities in common with Cinemechanica they employ much less punk aggression. Certainly not as angular as any of those groups either. A calmer more focused unit that likes to draw out their songs into twists and turns one might not expect. Lots of ideas we don't normally get a chance to hear (2:00 "Your Ships are Googlin Pretty Hard") I hear tell they are cooking up a new batch of cookies, color me excited. 


As far as "home improvements" My friend and trusted advisory officer "metaghost" has offered to lend his mix tape mastery to our fine establishment. Everyone should check out Vol.1 "Akachashu". My thoughts on it forth coming.

-Acerola Bank

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