Monday, January 31, 2011

Stage Kids

Instrumental Math Rock that flirts with the girl in the back of the class, Electronica

Theres a certain quality in math rock that I feel is that special "magic dust" thats sets a group apart. A lot of the newer groups lack this heart. With my first listenings of Stage Kids I knew this would be another pass and forget.........

PLEASE CHECK THIS OUT EVERYONE, your mom, grandmas, foxes, uncle ricky. 

A lot of people are saying "these guys show a lot of promise for being young" Age has nothing to do with it. Its a first effort teaming with ideas and is a shot better than most of the dreg that I put up with everyday. Ive gotta say if they can incorporate those stellar electronic elements into their math they will be a force like no other. As would be expected instrumentation is king. Never to flighty or for guitars to get a like chuggy when needed. Can't wait to see whats next. 

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