Thursday, August 18, 2011

Diane Cluck - Oh Vanille

Slight change ups are always for good reason around this part of town, Diane Cluck is worth the notice.  Folk music has certain unfounded stigma's that seem to follow this most "academic" of musical genre's. Charges against? uninspired acoustic guitar music for old people that are bored and boring. You know where this is going. In every way these songs excel at giving hope to people that have written of Folk as such. Cluck has a wonderful sort of throw back voice that she has undeniable control over and isn't afraid to use. Acoustic guitar is played with a fairly unique rhythmic voice with interesting progressions to match for the genre. Folk is fat with female artists all trying to do the same things as one another. Diane distance's herself in every way and you don't need to be a fan of the genre to enjoy. Stand out track has to be "Easy to Be Around" I could try to sit here at 2:00AM and explain feebly how amazing this song is but let me just say that Diane harmonizing with herself is just too flipping tight for words. Any fan of music should be more than down and will be able to find at least something to enjoy here.

Oh Vanille

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