Thursday, January 20, 2011

We Insist! - Oh! Things are so Corruptible

vocal centric alt. prog rock

 Obviously instrumentally proficient (not too mention highly interesting) This French group have some ripping vocals.  At times its hard to pick which one you'd rather pay attention to.  Really sounds like updated prog rock from the 70's juiced up and ready to go fight a group of punks. I cant shake the feeling that I'm listening to some kind of alternate universe Tool mixed with John Zorn. Songs mix up feelings so nothing ends up sounding stale at all. Use of horns is always appreciated as well :)

Edit: fucking nice to see some singing drummer action by the way


  1. This stuff is really weird, mostly from the goofy vocals. Definitely descended from RIO and other 70's craziness (Henry Cow, Univers Zero, Gentle Giant). I was kinda surprised how chunky things get, in that Cock Rock kinda way.

  2. I like my rock in opposition instead of rock in support :)