Sunday, July 31, 2011

City of Ifa - Blue Shoes (2011)

I had stumbled on this Orlando, Florida three piece awhile ago with their first EP. Very raw, lots of young talent, technical and very directionless. It was soon cast off into the void that is many albums that cross my ear holes. Fast forward a few releases and City of Ifa are a band in contention for the best Fall of Troy esque group. Truthfully this is not fair to say but the comparison is apt in a few general ways. They both travel in that riff driven post-hardcore math rock with soaring vocals. I'm here to tell you however that Ifa is heads better than the now defunct Fall of Troy (and who really cared much about their last release anyway?) These are highly technical rock songs with clear structural goals and if your small tender brain can wrap your head around the sweet ass twisting riffs well your in for a treat.  Surprisingly great vocals going on as well again. HIGH recommendation on this one folks.  I know no one has anything better to do on a Sunday anyway sooooooo listen away.

Blue Shoes (2011)

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