Sunday, July 24, 2011

Native - Wrestling Moves

A band that had the promise of dazzling the ball nut out of us with their 2009 release Wrestling Moves.  Well I guess this is how I felt at least based on the single "What Are You Dylan In My House?" from their first ep "We Delete, We Erase". That song had blistering guitar and drums that sounded like the train was about to come off rails before kick-ass station. Their sound is one that isn't really heavily saturated in the math rock "scene" if you even want to go that route. Its a post-punk/post-hardcore style of math rock with some shout style vocals. Sadly drums are not front and center because they are frequently inspired. It's a solid outing and these guys work well when the vocals are turned down and the guitars get some room to breath and play memorable licks. Maybe not something everyone will like but when the mood strikes it hits the spot.

We Delete, We Erase

Wrestling Moves (2009)

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