Friday, July 15, 2011

The Reign of Kindo

First off thanks must go to Metaghost for dropping this warhead on me not too long ago. If you've been following the mix's their name has surfaced more than a few times, let me tell you why. The Reign of Kindo hails from Buffalo NY fairly close to my neck of the woods. The great part here is the seamless blend of styles that really makes this better than many bands that try to milk this ilk. You have the base which I guess you could say is indie rock but is equal parts mixed with jazz rock as well. Structurally its a titch poppy to be honest. Please don't be afraid by this statement or you will be passing up a really special band. Vocals are top notch soaring through runs. Just incredibly tasteful yet powerful and well trained which is something a lot of bands should take note of. Progressive influences are brought in through the back door via the jazz rock and this just adds interest to each piece. If you can guess where this is going your right, the drums. Steve Padin's licks and fills are a constant interest here to say the least. Shit is golden.

Rhythm Chord and Melody (2008)

This Is What Happens (2010)


  1. Good sounds and the drums are fairly nuts. I'm surprised these guys aren't British, they have a lot of that brit-prog influence. The lyrics can be a bit cringe-worthy. I'm looking at you, Christmas song.

  2. I think the thing I most desire from them in the future is that they try recording some tunes with an outside producer/engineer. I'm pretty sure the EP and both LPs were engineered and mixed by the lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist, and while they're super crisp, it'd be nice to hear how someone else would approach it.