Tuesday, September 20, 2011

James Blackshaw - Holly EP

Heir apparent to the golden twelve string altar that houses such greats (Leo Kottke and John Fahey among others) is James Blackshaw. Just like his predecessors Blackshaw doesn't rely so much on ridiculous guitar runs and other such indulgent trappings that a lot of the newer "finger-style" artists fall into but rather its all about the preservation and mood of the piece. Don't get me wrong it's clear that he is a highly skilled player but its in that restraint that lies a mature musician capable of knowing when is right and when is wrong. All of his releases are great each with their own set of high's and lows. The "Holly EP" is a great two song entry into his work and in my opinion some of his best yet. Can't imagine any human beings being immune to such beautiful guitar pieces but then again people listen to ICP as well so there's that I suppose.

Holly EP

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