Saturday, October 22, 2011

1994! - FCKYRHED (2010)

This much spoken about duo from Lancaster PA doesn't really play in the same realm as their two some brethren. I'm so glad to hear vocals going especially since they are done with complete conviction. Yes they are shouty and gruff but they hold a certain melodic quality that singers of this style miss. The guitars follow suit in this respect, at times intricate and melodic but with a gritty and repetitive metal tinged sheen. Musically think a stripped down indie math punk band and speed up the BPM's. The album itself really didn't affect me that much until I had a chance to see these guys live earlier this year. My lord these guys tore house. I wont even mention names but the groups I was most looking forward to catching dropped the ball, while 1994! earned their keep. Its sad that this kind of energy isn't easily found in groups these days.


  1. they are an amazing band, man. I think that their style is so creative. and the fact that they create such a huge wall of sound, even though they're a two-piece. true punk.

    Ryan from Ripley, West Virginia.

  2. ryan! thanks for reading man. glad we are on the same page about these guys. anything new and upcoming youve been enjoying?