Sunday, October 9, 2011

Don Cab's Final Tour Diary and American Don

  (Eric Emm, Damon Che, Ian Williams)

I realize there has not been a proper Don Caballero post on the page and there are sound reason's for this. I presume those that frequent here enjoy math rock and thusly must be at least semi-familiar with Don Cab. This is not the post where I gush wildly about their influence on modern rock or their progression from Pittsburgh Math Metal to Avant Math Rock but a chance to showcase one of the storied pieces of writing from the era. It was written by Fred Weaver who was on tour with them at the time and gives an extremely thoughtful approach to what we normally come to expect from a tour diary. I will say it's a bit long but an excellent read if you value this group. It covers some of the very final days of Don Cab discussing the large tension between Damon Che and Ian Williams after the release of American Don not too mention the horrible car accident the group was in as well.  

For reason's of being my favorite Don Cab release lets jive a little about American Don. Now down to a three piece (After 1st guitarist Mike Banfield left) this left much more room for Ian's more avant classical bent. While holding down those rockist drum and bass parts it was really the final form these guys could have taken. As such it was the groups last proper release before the group disbanded and Damon Che hijacked Pittsburgh's resident Don Cab sound alike band Creta Bourzia to "re-form" the group. If anyone knows Damon's contact info please inform him that he is an amazingly awesome drummer and if he wants to have a band not to sully the name of Don Cabs any longer because its bullshit.

Final Tour Diary

American Don


  1. I'm only on page six, but wow, these were some dysfunctional folks.

    Iam Williams comes across as the kind of guy you want to stab on a regular basis.

  2. I feel like everyone just kinda assumes as much about him. But having seen him live....he could murder someone and his guitar playing would still make him a good person to me

  3. haha, gotta love a dude who still rocks guitar stats that are +1 murder spree.