Sunday, October 23, 2011

Kosuke Jodai - Scissorcuts Reunion (2010)

When we are talking left field music the Japanese always seem to be pushing boundaries.  Math Rock as a genre is pretty new and there is still room for growth. While there is much in the way of awesome time bending groups today, I think we can all generally agree that not many venture past the typical expectations. Enter Kosuke Jodai, I have no information other than this concerning this release so we will let the music speak for itself. This is some serious stuff. Equal parts noise, synth laden math rock its hard to keep your baring at times. It walks the line surprisingly well all things considered because there is just a lot going on. What actually came to mind similarity wise was the cram jam math rock super beast "Hey!Tonal" previously covered. This is great stuff and I wish I had more info on it at all. Certainly fans of the genre need to check this out.

Scissorcuts Reunion


  1. Is this more listenable than Hey!Tonal? Because I really hated that record.

  2. Hate is such a strong word my friend. My guess is no you wont like this...I could be wrong but my gut says no.