Thursday, December 1, 2011

Jibbin' Flibbits: Tim and Eric- Father and Son/ Billion Dollar Movie

With the new trailer for Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie floating around, I have been reenforcing my love for all things Awesome Show (and Steve Brule). As the best example of what makes these dudes great, I present to you Father and Son. Tim and Eric wrote and filmed it for the Funny or Die HBO series, but in doing so they gave their fans a brief glimpse into how they would take one particular idea and stretch it out across a much longer time frame than they usually allowed in their previous efforts.

Before there was any semblance of Billion Dollar Movie actually happening (and also serving as a bittersweet new project coming so soon after their final season of Awesome Show), out popped Father and Son, a truly ridiculous story of friendship and unity. I can not explain this in any way that would do it justice. It is polarizing, just as Awesome Show was; some people will dig it a lot, and others will hate it. But oh shit, that death scene and the ensuing non-consequence/ plot progression has me laughing every time. Blam, mothadanglers!

-"Lord, you blessed me with a weeeeird stepson."
-"Well ya know what, I had a black son until this asshole killed him, so, fuck you guys."
-A special aw yeah to having Dan Lauria (the dad from The Wonder Years) as a judge for the Father and Son proceedings.

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