Saturday, December 17, 2011

Stage Kids - Killer Tofu (2011)

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They are back and JESUS MAGIC CHRISTMAS this couldn't get any better. Those of you out there that thought they were too young or lacked ideas well your face just got noise checked. This is as sure footed as it gets for instrumental math rock. Super well produced and spit shined. I think its also safe to smack about the fact that everyone must have leveled up on their instruments at least 5 times as well. The ideas flowing here are numerous and are just curve ball enough to make you fist pump at the same time as your brain smiles. Electronic elements are sprinkled into the math rock this time ever so slightly as well as the completely electronic songs.

If you missed them the first time then heres your second chance at a brand new life filled with lush guitars and complicated poly-rhythms. Put this under the tree because your entire family will thank you for it.

Killer Tofu

(also nice Doug reference.....)


  1. Very much like the American counterpart to the Brontide LP. Diggin it.

  2. I can see it in spirit but:

    Brontide = metal tinged

    Stage Kids = indie rock tinged

  3. whoa. excellent stuff. gotta check out their previous stuff, i am outta the loop with these fellas.