Saturday, April 28, 2012

4/26 Hi Donna Here, Cattle Drums, Racebannon (live Ithaca NY, The Haunt)

     To say that I don't get out much to shows like I used to is a vast understatement so when I do it has to be something worthy of the scheduling shifting and lack of sleep it involves. Hi Donna Here was the only group I was unfamiliar with playing a rather short set of hard rock inspired instrumentals that were pretty easy going. Headliners Racebannon very much brought their A-game and showed us the many sides of their wierdo metal alt noise jams with Mike Anderson screaming like a crazed demon (thats a good thing)
     Now onto Cattle Drums (commence gushing) Last time I saw these guys they were a 5 piece and playing songs from their deput ep "the boykisser sessions" and while i was impressed they seemed to still be trying to find a foothold in something concrete. They currently play with one less member these days and gained a new drummer. The results of which has seemingly allowed guitarist Gulab Singh to unleash his inner guitar god and lay down some seriously inspired riffs. math-rock meets alt punk with some delightful finger picking as well. Lets of course not forget about Sam Judd (vocals) as the rock is being layed down behind him he easily careens through poetic ramblings that have just the right amount of emotion and word play with the screams.
     It should be noted as well that after their set  Sam and Gulab completely at random layed down a nasty instrument cover of Converges "Cutter" As shown in the picture above. If that sounds completely out of place it honest to god wasn't at all.  It's this kind of evolution and unpredictability that have me chomping at the bit for a full yesterday.

Thanks to Bubba from Ithaca Underground for putting this on BTW :)

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