Friday, May 4, 2012

Closure in Moscow - First Temple (2009)

      Feel as though this is something I should have been contacted about from someone. Very very well executed amalgam of post hardcore lite with dramatic vocals. Not a stone out of place.  The stand out elements to me which set these Aussie's apart from other similar ilk is pretty inspired instrumentation and above average guitar riffs. Certainly some non standard scale's being thrown in the mix coupled with nice rhythms.

      If i had to throw out some bands that these guys sound like I'd say a alternate universe where Fall out Boy and Fall of Troy give birth.....Fall out of Troy?

First Temple (2012)


  1. woaaahhh, i really love this one!!
    First temple was released in 2009
    and here's their new single:

  2. excuse my over sight :) and thanks for the hooks.