Friday, May 25, 2012

Elzhi and Will Session- Elmatic (2011)

My friend Greg recommend this album to me months ago, but it was completely lost in a long list of "notes" on my phone full of music recommendations from many different people and kept in a very unorganized manner. Once again, I do not know much about this album: I know that is a solo album by eLZhi, a slick former member of Slum Village; I know that it is a re-imagining of Nas' debut album, Illmatic (much as Rise Above is a remake of Black Flags Damaged); and I know that it is produced by someone named Will Sessions. Hopefully I do not come off as a jackass for not knowing who he, or they, are; it seems as though a lot of the time, things end up that way with me.

Its no matter. This is some truly outstanding hiphop. Excellent production, awesome instrumentation, great flows... what more can you ask for? Check it: track 3 off Elmatic, Halftime:


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  1. didn't give this a fair shot at first. class act lvl trust