Monday, July 16, 2012

Boyfrndz - Boyfrndz EP (2011)

Boyfrndz are a 3-piece out of Austin, TX who put out this excellent EP produced by Ikey Owens (formerly of the Mars Volta). Reminds me a bit of new Tera Melos with better singing (sorry Nick), these 5 tracks beckon repeated listens. Actually the vocals remind me a bit of another Austin band called White Denim (one of my favorites). But that is not to undermine the tight instrumental chops (particularly the drums). I believe they have a full length coming out soon which I'm very much looking forward to. Free download from their bandcamp, chhhheck it out.



    Especially enjoy the degree to which they abstract the vocals so that even though he's saying words, it's mostly just a means to shape the sound.

  2. hahah holy awesome. Your description is pretty spot on MSS and even still I was pretty blown away. Deff. new school tera melos vibe. Sorry John Clardy but this drummer destroys you.