Saturday, July 7, 2012

Pastoral - Pastoral

The reader submission's around here are really starting to blow my face off... sincerely appreciate all the email's, keep em coming guys and gals.

So lets speak about a musical venture from California.  A one man affair played by one, Zachary Thachet. Chances are strong that at its base you've heard this instrumental post rock/math before (this is not a negative). Think Kinsella...the Mike variety.  Nothing too technical but just that right amount of skill and rhythmic change that keep you on your toe's. It is unique however in a couple of exciting ways. Zach has an admitted love of finger style acoustic music and the acoustic guitars in Pastoral are a delightful tribute to the giants of the genre. Not so much in style or speed but in spirit.  I'm always shocked more bands don't use acoustic guitars for this sort of music, it really just makes sense.  This is some brilliantly executed solo bizz that I could see evolving even further either into full band territory or deeper into solo town. Production is incredibly solid as well here.  If your looking for something calming for the night then you should look no further. Some strong ideas going on with this one.

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