Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mental Architects - Celebrations (2012)

Trio from Bulgaria, jagged guitar lines, tight drumming and fat growling bass lines with some nice production values to give the heavy parts some real thump courtesy of Aaron Harris, drummer of Isis who produced and mixed the album. Celebrations is a nice mix of instrumental math rock and heavy post rock with plenty of dynamics, heavy grooves, and tricky rhythms to keep you engaged throughout. Think And So I Watch You From Afar (hereon out known as ASIWYFA), Maserati, Maybeshewill, BATS, etc. 

I also threw in their prior EP, Patience, Communication, Understanding, Go, mixed and mastered by another great drummer, Chris Common of These Arms Are Snakes. Check this!



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    1. Agreed! I was listening and then Firefox crashed and I got instantly depressed.

  2. I think I like this! hahah really love the production. kind of at odds with this one. wish they wouldn't stick to the same thing for so long. however some really nice ideas.