Sunday, January 13, 2013

Shanghai Sally - Motive Kamatsu (2011)

It is a wonderful thing to see so much math rock in the air these days but it makes it that much harder
to truly unearth the ones that "have something special" or are "trying to push the genre"..I digress. Shanghai Sally here take an interesting angle that could easily turn into a dark situation. Progressive rock core with math rock rhythms and ....wait for it....jam band style solo's. Sounds like a recipe for bad times BUT this four piece clearly know what they are doing. Impressive instrumental gymnastics aside these guys are a lot of fun. The solo's themselves also don't feel tacked on and if at any moment they are grating on you the rhythm section is freaking the flack out with some inhuman groove. Trust is a beautiful thing so click below and show them some love. 

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