Saturday, March 16, 2013

Langosta - Super Nature EP (2013)

damn kid....

some of the busiest fracking post rock I have heard in a good looooong time. the math is tasteful and goes down smooth. Minor gripe? maybe mixed a bit to high. but everything sounds as it should. does not take away the hidden treasures buried in these songs. Great memorable guitar lines abound. I know nothing of these cats if any one does drop me a line. I am hella impressed.



  1. Totally Agree on the mix, the treble can be piercing at times. These cats are sick live though! I'm rooting for them to write a full length and get some studio time.

  2. 2 of my good friends are in this band matt donovan the guitarist and stew henderson is the bassist.2 big fall of troy fans

  3. these songs have grown on me even more so since i posted. are they planning on doing new stuff? also fall of troy is a great band to be crazy about. its nice that the influence is internalized in the music because i dont catch much of it at all.