Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Old Head - Stained Glass Stilts (2015)

Old Head? New Head? Heady Head?
Hmmm well it had been posted on our facebook page awhile back and i saw it sitting in the ever awesome math rock reddit community.. must be a sign I suppose.  

So where do we start? Its a methodical take on math for sure...dare i say...F O L K ...ish? I do like that it doesn't falls into clear tropes (incessant tapping ect) 

At least guitar wise I feel this throw back folk picking. As for the drums and bass well they are ramping it up off a cliff. Tasteful bass runs and some fun drum licks. At necessary times restrained when things get moody slow for your girl....or guy. Keyboard as well I've found when done correctly fleshes out even the most chaotic of math. I really enjoy this i guess is what im getting at. Solid mix inside and out of the head phones. Philly based, should make their way upstate way for sure.

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