Monday, January 11, 2016

Rest Ashore - The Human Error (2015)

Indie Rock is often viewed by me as this behemoth of mediocrity. As it has broad genre specifiers we tend to get a lot of bland rock (shudder). It should always be noted though when a group rises above the hoard and issues forth a proclamation.

Enter in:
Rest Ashore from New Jersey. While surface investigation may lead you to believe that this 4 piece is a group that will fade into the background like its contemporaries.. I will kindly disagree and prove that incorrect.

Inspired instrumentation in an indie rock/emo setting is the fastest way to my heart. At times these folks flirt with math rock conventions but dont seem overly concerned to play to any specific side. Its to their benefit of course as each of the 11 songs holds its own story as well as musical theme.

If the music was the only thing we had here... well we could pack it up and be happy with ourselves...make some snacks and binge watch netflix. BUT luckily vocalist (and guitarist) Erica Butts has an incredible amount to say. Its an approach that never stays in one place for too long. At times shouted, crooned and sang plainly things get down right soulful at times. Now imagine all of this going down while the rest of the band is laying down tasty riffs and funky rhythms.  

I do catch a sort of throw back emo/indie early 90's vibe but at the same time incredibly vital to todays music. There's plenty here for any music fan to enjoy really. I can only see good things and further success coming for this band.

Rest Ashore - The Human Error (2015)

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