Friday, May 6, 2016

PoS Top Tens - Eyes Averted

When you talk legendary groups of Upstate New York in the realm of technical rock you often list the usual suspects ...Damiera...Zona Mexicana..Monster Machismo...Cattle Drums... (no this is not an exhaustive list)  But it did remind me when Matthew St. Laurent (of the fabulous Syracuse based Department) and Greg McClure (of Buffalo's Del Paxton) both mentioned Syracuse group Eyes Averted recently. This really got me thinking as they should rightfully hold a place with the greatest of these above groups as well

If this is a group that has slipped my mind, then its my duty to shed a bit more light onto their influences and hopefully get new people aware of this post-hardcore punk math wrecking ball. I recently reached out to the members and they were gracious enough to supply some albums that influenced them as well as a shared number one spot. It really gives an interesting view into their over all sound. Besides it being eerily close to a lot of albums I hold close there is also plenty of wrestling references. 

Steve - (Drums)

Lifetime - Jersey's Best Dancers (1997)

This record changed the way I saw music, punk rock or otherwise. For me, this record had a sense of urgency that I had never been exposed to, chordal tendencies that challenged my ear, but enough familiar aspects of many different genres to keep it digestible for me---and it all felt really honest at the same time.

Mock Orange - Captain Love (2008)

This band has always been a favorite of mine, and I've found myself growing musically in similar ways as these guys have. This was as near-perfect an indie rock record as I'd ever heard at the time, and it still comes off as this completely effortless, unique, and beautiful collection of songs that to this day I can't stop listening to.

Choke - Forward (1999)

I have to include this just because it was, at the time, kind of a defining marriage of all of the technical stuff I liked about the more progressive and heavy genres with the melody and aesthetic I loved about punk rock. It was this crazy music, but not reactionary at all---very purposeful and intricate but never over indulgent.

Gary - (Bass)

The Dillinger Escape Plan - Calculating Infinity (1999)

A timeless record that will never be duplicated. Dropped heavy music on it's face, then hit it with a flying elbow for good measure.

Converge - Jane Doe (2001)

Ruthlessly and epic-ally intense from start to finish, a la Stone Cold Steve Austin at Wrestle-mania 17

 Botch - We are Romans (1999)

Another game changer that dropped a genre on it's head, just like The Undertaker hitting Bray Wyatt with two Tombstone Pile driver at Wrestle-mania 31

Brad (Guitar)

Sunny Day Real Estate - Diary (1994)

Some people have that one song to just roll the windows down and drive for miles. This cd seems to fill most gaps in the winter, spring, summer and fall drives... But a cheese steak also fills those same gaps.


All I have to say is ..."triplets anyone?" 

Always have loved listening to and trying to create new music of all kinds. But when Crash Test Dummies' -"Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm"  isn't hitting the spot and my accordion isn't syncing up with my flanger/reverb pedal, I just relax and remember the words to "out of reach."

And the number one agreed agreed upon album by all members is...


Brad - What can I say about this record that hasn't been said countless times before. 
These guys came in and took over the emo/post-hardcore game and shocked the world, just like the time Hulk Hogan unbelievably body slammed Andre the Giant at Wrestle-mania 3

Be sure check out Eyes Averted or revisit if your out of the habit. 

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