Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Bandcamp Weekly - Sept. 17 - 25

Late? me? never...apologies on this but duty and life come knocking very often....

Would like to point out that the format has changed a bit. It felt like albums that were solid and deserving of more time weren't being properly identified by me. Along with the release of the week all releases given photo's on the bottom are also very much worth your attention.

so without further BS...

Base Case - Something Real (New York)
Sounds like a group that is still trying to lock down a sound. Not to say that its a bad one to pursuing. We get sort of a 90's throw back vibe with some built to spill'ish post rockiness.. I guess there is some tapping in songs but cant say it makes the math cut. Still was worth the listen.

Spine - Lymph Nodes (Denmark)
I feel like I wanted to like this more than I actually did. It has the makings of something great but after one very quick song I'm not sure I can make a strong choice. Frenetic and sort of 80's inspired vocal crooning..Eh we shall see with the official release.

Serendipity - No One Cares (Chicago)
Sometimes an interesting guitar lick occurs and my ears perk but still feels like it could use some further training in the hyperbolic time chamber.

I.O - Burning Soul (Canada)
This release came very close to finding it's way to the bottom and I am familiar with this past releases as well. I think the lack of variety hurts these recordings. There are some inventive sounds being explored and some interesting drumming but I would like to see the idea's played out a bit more.

Alternative bar rock with some cool vocals and sprinkled with some interesting structures. Impressive but not a whole lot to take away from

cmyk - Archive (Czech Republic)
These are all demos.. Did I mention they were demos? Post Rock that is lacking in tension.. fun.. or holds my interest for any extended time. I could teach a master class on not releasing your 10 year old basement demos

hulica - demo // (Indonesia)
Has the markings of post math that we see from this geographical location but only seems to be dressed the part for Halloween. These are demo's that needed some further time to be fleshed out.

Updated versions of old songs long since forgotten and recorded by the illustrious Weasel Walter in 2001. If you don’t know this group.. then you should probably rethink why you are here at all. It doesn't rank with the strongest AOR songs but even the slew of copies in the years since still can’t measure. 

Rare beasts half just doesn't have the power..nor the violence..nor my interest. Foxtails half was a bit more dynamic and inspired. love the vocals and some of the interesting brooding guitar parts with plenty of energy to spare.  

Post metal with standard riffage. Things pick up a bit after the first song. I’m having a hard time drawing the bassist out of the mix which for music like this is pretty important and leaves things feeling a bit flat. Not enough variety in a song length to properly hold. 

I like this... I dont love this. There are some solid moments but I dont feel like it really elevates itself beyond being occasionally pretty post math. There aren't a ton of memorable guitar lines nor overly enthusiastic drumming.  I would say a solid 75% if we are grading papers. 

I like that this is one song.... end of constructive words.

Russian post rock and math have always seemed to me to be incredibly clean and razor edge affairs, well produced and with clear intentions. This group absolutely has these characteristics in spades. I will say though that there isn't a lot of variety being thrown in or large dynamics that I had hoped...some pacing issues for sure.

It took me a second to really dig into this groups first effort. I think around the 3rd time through it really began to hit me that this was some impressive indie math pop. Mostly the vocals can come off a bit.. over done..but as the songs tick off some vocal variety and catchy lines start creeping in and I'm official sold.  I will say that there is some dare I say ORIGINAL riffs being thrown around as well which is far and few between for the genre. Overall excited to see what these cats have in store next. 

Just like the album cover..bare flesh..smiles and sinister implications. Schizoid garage math punk that delights in hopping around riffs and genres as restless as can be. Need the occasional dip in garage lounge jazz? It’s here don’t worry. Vocals are varied which is a nice addition to something most bands would leave instrumental. These compositions make a ton more sense in short form I will say. When things are repeated and dove into is when things drag a bit. For the most part this is incredible well done.
Youthful punky math full of jagged chords and garage vocals... but it’s certainly fun and contains some nice structural breaks. This was released out of the weekly timeline btw but it was sort of too good to leave off. Charming goodness with surprisingly catchy chorus's thrown in. 

Middle Eastern Chords mixed with prog can be a recipe for pretentious exploratory meditations from the book of Secret Chiefs 3, HOWEVER this is thankfully not so. The proceedings are kept light and fun with enough interesting structures to hold interest. At two song it’s hard to make a blanket statement but I’m genuinely excited to see where this heads.

It’s a 3 song EP that constantly seems at odds with itself. It is I suppose at its base jazz like hip hop instrumentals with some math flirtations. Restless samples, overtly bombastic drums bookended into an almost sleep like melodic bed that has a sly awareness of what’s happening around it. It’s a statement and one I rarely see done in a unique way or this good. The one gripe I’m going to level at it is the length I don’t think we are getting a full view of what will be in store for next time but to use the food analogy.. I’m hungry for more. 

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